Man Theory London


Our Formulations

Proudly made in England

We can proudly say that all our premium products are made in England. We work with natural experts and analysts from our manufacturing plant in Peterborough; the South of England. Our suppliers work with quality ingredients and we continue to receive great feedback for our formulations.

Man Theory London are opposed to all forms of animal testing.  We ensure no animal testing on our products and only work with suppliers that share our values and have policies and controls in place.
From March 2009 , the European Union has banned the testing within the EU of cosmetics ingredients irrespective of whether there were non-animal alternatives.
Our formulations are botanically derived and only tested through human surveys, group discussions and tested on friends and families.

All our products are suitable for vegetarians

Whilst we endeavour to create all formulations suitable for vegans, we have some hair products which are not vegan. However, we work continuously with our experts to come up with new products on the markets. With your help, we will make these changes.

Man Theory is Proudly Free From

Silicones – Silicones is used in a lot of hair and skin products due to its emollient factor. Silicones can block the pores, hence, increasing dirt built ups. At Man Theory, we instead use hydrolised wheat protein, aloe vera, coconut oil amongst various other plant based ingredients to glossify the skin and hair.

Parabens – All of our products are paraben free – meaning that we do not use any harmful chemicals as part of our formulas

SLS – All our products are sulphate free. Whilst many brands out there tend to use sulphates in their products to gain more lather for example in their shampoos and leave the skin feeling clean; we are a strictly sls free brand. At Man Theory, all our fragrances have been naturally blended by experts and all ingredients are natural.

PALM OIL – As a brand, we would like to be transparent and crystal clear in our ethics.  We only have a formulation of hair wax which uses palm oil. However, our palm oil originates from a farm on the RSPO (The Roundable on Sustainable Palm Oil), is certified organic and certified sustainable

MEAs, DEAs and TEAs (Ethanolamine compounds) – These are chemicals found in a wide range of products such as household cleaning products, cosmetics and soaps and have a link to very critical life illnesses. The European Commission strictly prohibits its usage in cosmetics and shampoos. Not of these chemicals are found in our formulations.


Heavy metals and Hexachlorophene, Our products do not contain heavy metals and Hexachlorophene