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Ace The Dapper Look – Hair & Moustache Wax

When you’re looking to up your grooming game, it is a no-brainer that a hair, beard or a moustache wax comes handy. And what else than the one packed with all-natural ingredients! Lot of us struggle to find the perfect blend of ingredients and qualities that suit our needs and have the potential to be beneficial. There are a lot of products in the market, but the conscious gentlemen have always found themselves inclined towards the natural ones over synthetic.

Ingredients play a vital role when you want to get your dream styling. No wonder, natural ingredients are better for the environment as well as safer to use.

And if you are the guy who knows his ingredients, then the Man Theory Statement Hair & Moustache Wax is made just for you. The name has it, Statement is loaded with skin & hair-loving ingredients, this makes up for the ideal grooming guru you always wanted!

With Caffeine, Avocado, Jojoba Oil, & Coconut Oil it delivers high-end results and is certainly the choice of today’s refined gentleman.

Think of caffeine-infused men’s grooming & its conception to give your skin the kick it needs! It can be your ideal pick-me-up before that big meeting, dinner date or a fam-jam! If you’re a guy who dons a full facial forest, then grooming with caffeine can allow you to put your best beard forward on the regular. The Statement boasts the exact dose caffeine your beard & skin wants!
Furthermore, Caffeine is the superfood for skin & hair, antioxidant-rich, & helps in hair growth.
Not only this, but it also makes the roots & follicles stronger. Avocados are quite nourishing, moisturizing & laden with the ‘good’ fatty acids. They have natural oils that are super effective for hydrating & relieving dryness.

Jojoba is yet again an ingredient you would not miss. It is moisturizing and has many vitamins which can strengthen hair shafts and be a dandruff remedy. Our very own & known ingredient, Coconut Oil is famous for many years to moisturize, condition & tame the tresses. It takes care of the skin and keeps it healthy!

Man Theory ‘Statement’ is a medium hold, non-greasy wax that can make you achieve your dream style in no time. It will tame all those frizzy grizzly make your beard game stronger than ever. Not just this, it will add loads of lustre! Lending divine Citrus notes that can linger on making your senses feel refreshed all the time.

Scrape off some wax and warm it between fingers, run through your hair for a neat gentleman style. It will make sure that each strand is groomed, protected from damage and is as stylish as you want them to be!

Breathe life into your mane with this cruelty-free, sulphate & paraben free wax. Made with all- natural ingredients, this wax is a styling and grooming requisite for a suave look.

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